Digitally Interacting with the Physical

Burall InfoSmart is an end-to-end solutions provider of tags, promotional products, hardware and systems for NFC, BLE and other IoT technologies.

We work with brands and creative agencies to bring the benefits of NFC and IoT to their customers.

From NFC beer mats and posters to bottle labels and specialist RFID in-mould labelling we can help turn your products into highly creative engagement campaigns.

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We offer industry leading tag technology from the World's biggest silicone manufacturers to ensure the best quality results for your needs.



Adding NFC to your business cards or membership cards makes you stand out and can deliver immediate content to your customers.


Beer Mats

Our expertise in RFID and personalised printing is combined to deliver smart beer mats. Each mat can feature an NFC smart chip and be printed uniquely with serial numbers or QR codes to offer advanced campaign analytics.



Want to know who and when your customers are interacting with your ATL campaigns? Not only do smart posters give real interaction analytics but they also increase brand affinity with fantastic content engagement.


Table Talkers & more

With our flexible printing and finishing equipment, we can manufacture your traditional marketing materials with an innovative NFC twist. From smart table talkers to menu and pump wobblers we enable you to provide highly engaging campaigns for your customers.

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Who we work with


Media Owners

Proximity marketing can extend the reach of your content to a mobile audience.


Location Owners

Enhance your visitor’s experience with personalised content at festivals, shopping centres, stadiums, city centres and events.


Mass Transport Operators

Use mobile engagement to enhance passenger journey experience with unique content, live travel updates and contextual notifications on mobile.



Engage students and enhance their campus interaction with mobile access control, student engagement monitoring, unique content and rewards through digital tech.



Build customer engagement and brand affinity with your target audiences through unique and highly personalised content and rewards.



We help bring to life your creativity and deliver better ROI for your clients by incorporating mobile proximity marketing and advanced analytics into your campaigns.