Bespoke Card Management Systems & Self-Print Solutions.

Personiq is customised to interface with existing systems to allow the operator to produce in-house cards with integrated ID, attendance monitoring, transport and many other uses.  This solution uses Zebra card printing technology and is supported by our comprehensive Bureau services.  Find out more here.

Plastic Cards

We use a range of advanced processes to manufacture plastic cards including contact and contactless smartcards, to their respective ISO standards.  Cards can be customised with digital and digital lithographic print, personalised data, encoding, sig panels, mag stripes, barcodes and more.  Find out more here.

NFC and  IoT

Burall InfoSmart is an end-to-end solutions provider of tags, promotional products, hardware and systems for NFC, BLE and other IoT technologies.  We work with brands and creative agencies to bring the benefits of NFC and IoT to their customers.

From NFC beer mats and posters to bottle labels and specialist RFID in-mould labelling we can help turn your products into highly creative engagement campaigns.  Find out more here.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

We manufacture paper and card based magnetic stripe tickets for use in electricity meters, transport systems including bus and train and goods and services prepayment systems such as for use with sunbeds and photocopiers. We also produce more specialised cards for engineer use on materials such as polyester.  Find out more here.