BemroseBooth Paragon (BBP)

You may know BBP best as the leading manufacturer of magnetic tickets; in fact the company played an integral role in the creation of magnetic technology, which is used by transport companies and car park operators across the globe. As an established manufacturing site and ticketing expert, BBP has the capacity to produce 4 billion paper based tickets each year.

As the market has evolved, BBP has taken a lead in the development of new products that meet with the changing needs of customers. That is why BBP now has a separate and specialist division, BBP tech, that develops technologically advanced smart cards, labels, tags and cards using techniques such as RFID, to meet with the future requirements of brands and businesses across a range of sectors.

People passing through automatic ticket gate (blurred motion)

Not only does the company manufacture products, it also offers advice and recommendations that save costs and improve efficiencies, while turning concepts into real applications that allow customers to engage with their target audiences.

Whether a client requires support during the transition from magnetic to smart based products or would like to call upon BBP or BBP tech to work on an entirely new application, the team has the capacity, capability and knowledge needed to help.

As the industry has evolved, so too has the product portfolio. For further details about BBP, BBP tech, the markets the company works with and the products that it offers, please visit