Made in the UK

Since 1988 Burall InfoSmart Ltd has been at the leading edge of the manufacture and personalisation of magnetic cards, tickets, contact and contactless smartcards and tags and we continue to supply many of our original customers.

We manufacture, print, encode and personalise cards here in the UK. Our cards are manufactured and tested to ISO standards and are printed using digital, lithographic and screen processes.  Personalisation is achieved during digital printing or through our comprehensive Bureau services.



Burall InfoSmart has developed strong partnerships with leading technology companies and organisations specialising in cashless payment, transport, data management and access control.

Burall InfoSmart has an excellent reputation in the transport and prepayment markets and an established history of many successful technology partnerships with Central and Local Government, with projects including: WasteDataFlow (the national database for municipal wastes), the national MOT system and the award-winning Burall InfoCare system for domiciliary care monitoring using smart ID cards and custom terminals.


We have developed our own CMS systems to enable our customers to exploit the use of cards.  Our systems enable our customers to develop multi-application card schemes integrating membership, staff ID, attendance monitoring and ITSO concessionary transport.

We are one of the few companies certified to produce ITSO cards for UK concessionary transport schemes.


Continued Investment

Burall InfoSmart Ltd is a descendent of Burall Brothers Ltd of Wisbech, dating back to 1887.  In 2008 Burall InfoSmart became fully independent of  former Burall Group and was owned and led by Rod and Arron Duddin.  In June 2017 Burall InfoSmart was acquired by BemroseBooth Paragon and from 2018 began trading as Paragon ID. In early 2019 the Wisbech sites relocated to the larger dedicated production facility in Hull.

Today the company continues to invest in the new equipment and skills that enable us to give first class support to all our partners and customers, including transport authorities, higher education establishments and citizen card scheme operators.