First UK Company to Certify Infineon TRM4 for ITSO use.

June 10, 2011 BBP-admin

Burall InfoSmart Ltd has become the first UK company to get full ITSO certification of an exciting new smart card from Infineon. The card, part of the powerful SLE66 range of microprocessor cards, is a special development which combines a specific ITSO CMD2 embodiment with a full 4k Mifare™ Classic emulation. Given the specific reference SLE66CL81-TRM4, this new device allows a card to use legacy Mifare™ applications on a card which fully meets the ITSO requirements for CMD2 media.

On 22nd December 2010, cards from Burall were tested and found to fully comply with ITSO TS 1000-0 Specification Version 2.1.4 and they have now been given ITSO Certificate number C-00108.

Unlike as stated in a misleading foreign press release, the card is NOT a general purpose microprocessor card but has been optimised to meet the ITSO CMD standard. This includes meeting strict timing requirements to satisfy the ITSO interoperability tests.

Over the last 6 months, Burall InfoSmart have been evaluating this card with Local Authority, University and Transport Operator customers to plan smooth transitions of existing schemes where Mifare cards are being used but where they may wish to incorporate ITSO-compliance on the same card. The device has been referred to as a ‘bridge’ card to reflect its attractiveness to these transitional schemes.

As founder members of ITSO and active members of the ITSO Supplier Special Interest Group, Burall can add this new card to the range of ITSO products and services it provides including low-cost DESfire cards and ITSO persoPOST services and software.